Crystal Malt

Specialty Malt 

crsytal malt

Crystal malt is a type of malted barley that undergoes a roasting process at mild temperatures. Crystal Malts can vary in colour, with lighter crystal malts providing milder, more sweet notes, and darker crystal malts offering richer more pronounced caramel notes. 

traditional usage
Pale Ales, Amber Ales, Bitters, Scotch Ales, IPAs
roast level
77°C to 88°C
flavour profile
Sweet, caramel, toffee
Full bodied, velvety

traditional usage 

Traditionally, crystal malt has been employed to add sweetness, colour, and body to beers. It is known for its ability to enhance maltiness without the intense roasty or bitter characteristics found in darker malts. 

distilling with crystal malt

We use crystal malt to bring complexity and balance to our mash bill. Just as in brewing, crystal malt imparts distinct sweet and caramel flavours providing a nuanced and rich profile. The toffee and caramel notes derived from crystal malt match well with heavily roasted malts like chocolate malt. In addition, due to a milder kilning process, crystal malt contains residual sugars and proteins that help impart a smooth and velvety texture to our spirit.

uses crystal malt

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