Welcome to Holyrood Distillery

The Holyrood Distillery Tour

We are Edinburgh’s first Single Malt Whisky Distillery since 1925. We were established in 2019 in the centre of the capital’s old town and we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to making spirits.


This is your interactive resource for learning about who we are and what we do. As your tour guide takes you around our working modern-day distillery, the information presented in each room will be available to you in your chosen language. You can easily go back and forth between the rooms on your screen and if you accidentally disconnect, don’t worry, our tour guides have a QR code which you can scan to get you back to the information page

health & safety / tour rules

fire alarms

There are no fire alarm tests scheduled today, so if you hear the alarm, it is not a test. Please listen to your tour guide and follow their instructions safely and calmly. They will escort you to the nearest fire exit. Await instructions.


Photos are allowed. But please, no flash! You’re more than welcome to take videos during the tour, but we request that you keep this short – please don’t film the entire tour and upload it online.

no touching

This is a working distillery. The equipment is HOT and could cause injury. Please do not touch any equipment and please stay behind marked barriers and tapes at all times.


The Distillery is HOT. Cold water is available throughout the tour. If you are feeling dizzy or unwell in another way and need to step out, please inform your guide and they will direct you to the cask room or bar.


We will be walking up and down staircases during the visit. If you have mobility requirements, please let the tour guide know and they will show you our lifts and how they work.