single cask whisky

no release the same.

no age statements.
no signature style.
limited edition.

“There’s nothing better than finding the next single cask , something tasty …. something unique.”


holyrood distiller

the culmination of a journey

Each bottle of our single cask whisky narrates a story of progression, offering a glimpse into the evolution from clear, vibrant new make spirit to the rich, nuanced complexities of fully matured whisky.


Our unwavering commitment to exploration and innovation is laid bare in our single cask whisky expressions, inviting you to appreciate the remarkable journey that transforms simple ingredients into extraordinary whisky.

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All of our whiskies are limited releases. We plan to have every whisky we create as a limited release which means we’ll never have a core expression or range. We use so many malt and yeast varieties that the flavours of our spirits are constantly changing, which means unique releases every time!

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New Make
Charmed Circle
Height of Arrows
Elizabeth Yard
Our New Make Spirit showcases our whisky vision and enables whisky drinkers to fully appreciate spirit before it enters a cask. It demonstrates the influence of our iterative, holistic approach, who we are as distillers, and where we are going as whisky makers.

A new take on vodka inspired by Edinburgh’s brewing past, we create Charmed Circle with heritage barley varieties; Chevalier and Golden Promise, showcasing each of their unique characteristics.

A new approach to gin making, inspired by our whisky thinking and grounded in simplicity. Our Height of Arrows gins feature a singular botanical; juniper, with a focus on flavour and texture.
Featuring rums from some of the most prestigious rum producers in the world, Elizabeth Yard is where we geek out on rum, exploring maturation and cask finishes.