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A bottle of Embra Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Holyrood Distillery
Introducing our first single cask release #147, one of a series of single cask bottlings for 2024.. We are transparent in each release – with each bottle label showcasing the journey from raw ingredients to the final product. Our #147 release is an exciting beginning, a unique blend of specialty malts and fermentation with specialty wine yeast.
A bottle of whisky laying on malt.

Our approach to whisky making is rooted in Edinburgh’s rich brewing heritage. It is in the practices of Edinburgh’s brewing past that we find our inspiration, and innovative approach to whisky production, leveraging brewing techniques as the key to flavour development. Fundamental to this is the use of specialty malt. These roasted malts are responsible for the founding flavours of beers. In crafting Single Cask #147, we adopted the same approach, harnessing speciality malts to establish the foundational character of our spirit. Used in small quantities alongside a base malt, the addition of roasted malts allows for greater control, to tweak and shape the character of our spirit to the smallest detail, and explore new avenues of flavour production.


Alongside a base malt of 70% spring barley, Single Cask #147 boasts a mixed mash bill of 3 speciality malts—Crystal, Vienna, and Caramalt—each integral to establishing the foundational flavours of this whisky. Lightly toasted Crystal Malt imparts toffee sweetness and nutty undertones, contributing depth and richness to Single Cask #147. Its sweet, toasted notes add a layer of complexity, while Vienna Malt, with its caramel nuances and hints of fresh bread, complements the toffee sweetness of Crystal, which – together – enhance the whisky’s body and texture. Finally, the addition of Caramalt, with its gentle sweetness, harmonises the bolder flavours from the Crystal and Vienna, creating a balanced and well rounded profile.


While specialty malts form a cornerstone of flavour, it is through fermentation, and the use of specialty yeast strains that we build distinctive character and nuance. Single Cask #147 uses Lavigne yeast, a unique strain cultivated from the vineyards of Lavigne, France. Traditionally used in winemaking, this yeast brings a distinctive aromatic quality to the spirit. Its resilience and ability to thrive in varying temperatures allow it to impart an array of fruity and floral notes.
Bottle of Holyrood Distillery Single Cask Whisky laying flat on a whisky cask.


For maturation, we chose a first-fill American Bourbon cask to complement the flavours created during production, leveraging the cask’s robust vanilla, caramel, and nutty flavours to enhance the sweet tones from our speciality malts and the fruity, floral character from the Lavigne Yeast.


The final spirit from Single Cask #147, is deep, complex and full of character. On the nose there is white grape and ripe pears, followed by a burst of juicy fruit intertwined with the comforting notes of sweet, creamy coffee on the palate. The finish is a lingering dance of toasted nuts, subtle caramel, and a hint of mint; painting a flavourful journey from start to finish.

A bottle of Holyrood Distillery Single Cask Whisky #147 next to a glass of whisky.


With our Single Cask Series, we lay bare our whisky-making methodology. With each expression in this series, we invite whisky drinkers to delve deeper into the nuances of malts and speciality malts, alongside a variety of yeast strains, and their impact on flavour development. As the series unfolds, each release promises to be a singular expression that is as thought-provoking as it is delicious.

Running to only 216 bottles, Single Cask Series #147 is an extremely limited release.
Available to purchase Friday 12th January From Holyrood Distillery in store and online, and Royal Mile Whiskies.

PRICE £95.00

ABV 59.4%

Vol 70cl

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