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our origins

Holyrood was created with the intent of proving that there is a different way of producing and to launch a different type of whisky brand. We proactively explore new recipes using heritage malts, speciality malts and different yeasts in our production process. These heritage and speciality malts and yeasts are the same raw materials that are used in producing different beers, and which give beer such a broad variety of flavours.
Our Team

we create exciting, complex and flavourful whisky at

any age.

our vision

Nothing less than to be amongst the finest spirit makers in the world.

our mission

to combine our skills, knowledge and experience to create a whisky brand which relentlessly offers something different with every release

our values


It takes 3 years to mature scotch. While the whisky is ageing the world is changing. Our success comes from understanding how to adapt, to face adversity and change. Understanding the long term perspective gives us the advantage.


We will always be honest and transparent in the way we work, what we do and how we behave. We are plain speaking, and say “no, thank you” to over-engineered red tape.


Trailblazing is at all levels and roles at Holyrood. We empower our people and put a high weighting on their thoughts and ideas over title, position or experience. “Do as I do, not as I say”.


Community is core to all we do – how we interact and support each other as a team, how we not just minimise our impact on the local community, but how we enhance it; and how we champion and actively support our peers in the whisky and craft brewing communities.

A new approach to tradition

In our distiller’s lab hangs a big, yellow, neon sign with four words: Test, Learn, Improve, Repeat. This is our whisky mindset, and it underpins all of our liquid thinking at Holyrood. It is an iterative approach that pushes us to explore, learn and continue to create liquid that excites and inspires. Whether it be gin, rum, or whisky, our whisky mindset lays the foundations for everything that we make.

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