height of arrows

An elevated gin 





A bottle of Height of Arrows laying down in a bed of daisies.

embrace simplicity


A balanced presentation of clean fresh pine & resin coupled with light citrus zest.


Initially oily and mouth coating with juicy and rich orange zest and lemon pith then a bold emergence of black pepper and cardamom, tempered with tapered herbaceous smoothness.


Long, smooth and clean finish with effervescent spice.

3 unique ingredients


Classic juniper flavour; fresh, aromatic and herbaceous. 

Sea Salt

Naturally enhances flavour depth, adding layers of complexity. 


Marries with juniper oils, to create a smooth, uniquely silky texture.

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"A gorgeous texture, layers of complexity extracted from that single core botanical of juniper and full bodied flavour, it really is an incredible expression of what a gin can be."
John Doe
John Doe@ginanddomic
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If it isn't one of the most premium gin and perfect serves I've ever had, I don't know what is!
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Delicious liquid and my new Gibson go-to-gin- the sea salt is a gamechanger.

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Inspired by our surroundings

The distillery’s imposing backdrop of Arthur’s Seat provides the inspiration for the gin – ‘Height Of Arrows’ being the literal translation of ‘Àrd-Na-Said’, the Gaelic name for the extinct volcano. Standing at 251m, the Height of Arthur’s Seat was said to be the furthest distance an archer could fire an arrow – literally, aiming higher and breaking boundaries.
Arthur's Seat peak.
Female drinking a negroni.

Rediscover the classics





Rediscover these timeless serves anew. Height of Arrows takes these recipes deeper into their classic space by minimising the ‘noise’ around the juniper and accentuating its power by delivering layer, texture and mouthfeel.

Pesca Spritz


25ml Height of Arrows Gin
10ml Campari
20ml Creme de Peche
90ml sparkling wine
20ml cloudy lemonade


The drink is built in the glass. Take a wine glass or goblet, add the first three ingredients, add lots of ice and give a quick stir. Top with sparkling wine and cloudy lemonade, and stir to combine. Garnish with a sprig of thyme (or your preferred herb – basil or rosemary will work too) and a slice of peach.

Height of Arrows Peach fizz cocktail
Southside cocktail on a table in front of a bright window.

Bees Knees


50ml Height of Arrows Gin

15ml honey syrup (2 parts honey, 1 part water)

25ml lemon juice


Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake the ingredients then double strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with rosemary or lemon peel.

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Height of Arrows relates to Arthur’s Seat, the mountain which sits just behind the distillery. “Height of Arrows” is the literal translation of Àrd-Na-Said, the Gaelic name for the mountain. Standing at 251m, the height of Arthur’s Seat is said to be the furthest distance an archer could shoot a bow.
All of the Height of Arrows iterations contain one botanical; juniper, which creates an abundance of complex flavours. In addition to juniper are two modifiers, sea salt and natural beeswax. Both have an impact on the gin but do not add additional flavour, unlike botanicals that are used to impart flavour in gin. Sea Salt acts as a natural flavour enhancer, imparting depth and layers, while beeswax creates a unique oily texture.
Height of Arrows is a gin created by whisky makers. When we create whisky we use a few ingredients to create an abundance of flavour. To create Height of Arrows we employed the same principles, focusing on juniper as our sole botanical only using additional ingredients to intensify flavours and our gin’s texture.

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