Chit Malt

Specialty Malt 


close up of dextrin malt

Dextrin is a highly unique specialty malt that undergoes a restricted germination process, reducing the presence of enzymes responsible for producing fermentable sugars. Dextrin malt is high in non-fermentable dextrins, which contribute to increased body and mouthfeel. These complex sugars provide sweetness and contribute to a fuller texture. Dextrin has a neutral sweet, cereal taste, allowing brewers to enhance body without altering the overall flavour profile of the beer significantly.

traditional usage
Various beer styles
71°C to 82°C
flavour profile
Subtle sweetness, nutty
Full and creamy, smooth

Cocktail Serves – Rum Amaretto Sour

Cocktail Serves – Irn Bru Sgroppino