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lightly peated

non-chill filtered

triple cask maturation

A bottle of Embra Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Holyrood Distillery
A bottle of Embra single malt Scotch whisky in fornt of Arthur's Seat hill, Edinburgh

For our 2024 single malt whisky releases, we have chosen an illustrative ‘lino-cut’ design style, taking inspiration from iconographic images of St Leonard.

Our distillery is located in St Leonard’s Lane in Edinburgh’s Southside; and St Leonard was also the patron saint of barrel-makers.


“The mindset for Embra was to set the stage for an exploration into peated whisky. Edinburgh is
the gateway to Scotland for many people and this is the idea at the heart of this spirit. We wanted to find the perfect balance of bold smoky flavours and textures of peated whisky while still being accessible to a new whisky drinker. When someone says they don’t like peated whisky, this is the whisky to hand to them. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something for the seasoned peated drinkers as we have all of the hallmark flavours and textures of a great whisky.”

Calum Rae
distillery manager
Two people raising glasses of whisky, with a bottle of Scotch Whisky in the background


Aye. It’s a wee bit smoky…

Lemon zest, horse chestnut pith, hints of peppermint and light hickory smoke.


Wafer biscuits, dark chocolate mousse, notes of earthy Highland peat smoke.


Light stewed pears, with a well rounded clean finish. 
Single Malt Scotch Whisky being poured into a whisky glass.



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Embra Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottle.

release #2

A gateway to the world of peated whisky, capturing classic bold smoky flavours and textures of  while still being accessible to a new whisky drinker.

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New Make is the first stage of making whisky, and comes straight off of the still. It is unaged and so cannot legally be called Scotch Whisky, but it is the spirit that is put into our barrels for maturation, to become Holyrood’s future whisky. Our New Makes offer whisky drinkers the opportunity to experience how flavour is created before any cask influence.

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Our New Make Spirit showcases our whisky vision and enables whisky drinkers to fully appreciate spirit before it enters a cask. It demonstrates the influence of our iterative, holistic approach, who we are as distillers, and where we are going as whisky makers.

A new take on vodka inspired by Edinburgh’s brewing past, we create Charmed Circle with heritage barley varieties; Chevalier and Golden Promise, showcasing each of their unique characteristics.

A new approach to gin making, inspired by our whisky thinking and grounded in simplicity. Our Height of Arrows gins feature a singular botanical; juniper, with a focus on flavour and texture.
Featuring rums from some of the most prestigious rum producers in the world, Elizabeth Yard is where we geek out on rum, exploring maturation and cask finishes.

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