Single Cask #58

Limited to 2 bottles per customer. 


Introducing Single Cask #58 – our newest edition to our Single Cask range, a whisky that promises a truly unique tasting experience. Here, traditional malt provides a playground for yeast. Topped with that delicious Oloroso influence – this is a wild ride! Single Cask #58 will be available for purchase from our distillery store and web store on Friday 26th April 2024, from 11:30AM. Limited to 2 bottles per customer. 



“This is a weird one. This was such a deliciously strange creature, we needed to share it with the world.

Brewing and distilling yeasts collide to create an exciting and tongue tingling dram that is both unique and conversation provoking. 

Traditional malt flavours provide our base and allow the characters of the 4 different yeasts to come to the fore. All of this is intertwined with those delicious fruity and nutty Oloroso notes that we enjoy so much. Get this one poured when you want something a bit different!”

calum rae

distillery manager

co-pitching with specialty yeasts

Cask #58 showcases four different yeast varieties including two Distillers and two Brewers strains. These have been co-pitched together to maintain efficiency, balance the PH and fermentability to get the best possible flavour profile.


Different strains of yeast have varying fermentation characteristics. As well as imparting different flavours, they also vary in levels of efficiency, and effectiveness. Brewing strains thrive in long and cold fermentations while conversely, distiller strains are managed at higher temperatures for a shorter amount of time. When using Brewing and Distillers Yeasts together we have to find a balanced ‘Goldilocks’ zone that works well for both types of yeast. We want to maximise the flavour we get from each of our yeasts, but also ensure we achieve the maximum conversion of sugars into alcohol ahead of distillation. 

yeast breakdown

DY379 & DY502

These Distillers Yeasts can withstand higher fermentation temperatures, and are highly efficient at converting fermentable sugars. Both DY379 and DY502 produce a relatively light and neutral flavour profile, imparting subtly fruity and cereal like qualities to the wash. 


Nottingham Ale Yeast is an English-style ale yeast known for its exceptional performance and adaptability across a broad range of beer styles and fermentation environments. Commonly used in brewing Pale Ales, Ambers, Porters, Stouts, and Barleywines, it also extends its versatility to crafting Golden Ale, Kölsch, Lager-style beers, IPA, and Imperial Stouts. 


Nottingham yeast is characterised by its relatively neutral flavour profile, exhibiting subtle notes of green and red apples. It possesses a high stress tolerance, making it more suitable for distillation than other Brewing Yeasts; handling demanding fermentation conditions at  higher gravities and increased temperatures. 

belgian ale yeast

This yeast is really the star of the show in this single cask release. Belgian Ale Yeasts are famous among brewers for producing incredibly unique flavours. They create high proportions of phenolics and esters, creating flavours reminiscent of aromatic spice, and deep fruity esters with notes of pears, berries, and citrus. Despite making up the smallest proportion of our yeast, the flavours imparted by our Belgian Ale Yeast are immediately apparent on the nose and the palate, with strong notes of cinnamon spice and ginger.



Jelly sweets, thick candle wax, cinnamon spice.


Gingersnap biscuit, slight fruitiness, spicy.


Spiced fruit, lingering and mouth-watering spice.

Limited to 2 bottles per customer. 

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